Best Places to Work in Middle Tennessee [2021]

Middle Tennessee is a place full of opportunity and it's booming with new business ventures. The region has some of the best places to work in Tennessee and has an amazing culture that you'll want to be part of. 

Middle Tennessee is a great place to live and work. Whether you're looking for the perfect spot to raise your family or just want an easy commute, Middle Tennessee has it all. The cost of living in this region is also significantly lower than in other major areas of the country, meaning that your paycheck will go much further. 

Whether you're looking for something with tons of perks or just basic benefits, Middle Tennessee is home to many different large, medium, small, and start-up companies that offer what you're looking for.  We compiled the Top 10 Best Places to Work in Middle Tennessee from Tennessean’s list. We’ll also break them down into three categories, large, medium, and small businesses.


Large Companies in Middle Tennessee

1. Parks Realty

Local employees: 761

For over 45 years, Parks has been committed to Middle Tennessee and invested in the communities where people live. They are locally owned so they can provide a personal touch for their clients.

2. Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

Local employees: 442

The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury has a wide range of responsibilities to ensure fiscal integrity within the State. These duties include auditing and assessing finances.

3. Premise Health

Local employees: 441

As the world’s leading direct healthcare provider, Premise Health is reinventing how quality care is delivered and measured. From their broadest range of products to a seamless member experience they deliver results organizations feel.

4. Deloitte

Local employees: 1,529

Deloitte is a company that provides services to various clients across the world. They have more than thousands of professionals in independent firms and collaborate together for audit & assurance consulting risk management tax advisory etc., which makes them one of the largest professional service organizations out there today.

5. Tractor Supply

Local employees: 1,441

Tractor Supply Company is the largest rural lifestyle retailer in America, and they've been passionate about serving their unique niche for 80 years. They target those who enjoy living on these great farms or ranches by selling everything from tractors to fencing materials- anything that will help you live out your best country dreams!

6. Asurion

Local employees: 4,500

Asurion helps customers enhance their lives through the latest technology every day. As global leaders, they work with your needs to balance interdependence between our lives and all things digital today so you can be more productive in general terms!

7. Warby Parker

Local employees: 664

Warby Parker is the perfect solution for those who are on a budget and still want great-quality eyewear. They offer prescription glasses, sunglasses in different colors.

The American online retailer has established itself as one of America’s favorite places to buy quality designer goods like frames or contacts - all at affordable prices.

8. T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Local employees: 652

T-Mobile is the brand name used by Deutsche Telekom, a German telecommunications company that operates subsidiaries in different countries and industries.

9. Aldi

Local employees: 609

Aldi is a famous low-cost grocery store that has been around for over 40 years. The company prides itself on the quality of its products and offers deals so good.

10. First Horizon Bank

Local employees: 496

A large company based in Tennessee, First Horizon Bank offers financial services to people all over the state. They provide these products and more at their 180+ locations throughout Memphis and surrounding areas.


Medium Companies in Middle Tennessee

1. Southwestern Investment Group

Local employees: 131

Southwestern Investment Group is a firm of more than 130 employees dedicated to improving our clients’ lives through comprehensive financial planning. They currently have eleven offices across the country including 5 in Middle Tennessee.

2.  TechnologyAdvice

Local employees: 130

TechnologyAdvice is a business technology consulting firm that specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of business technology.

3. Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Franklin

Local employees: 129

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Franklin is committed to helping you regain your independence after a life-changing illness or injury.

Located in Franklin, TN, and servicing patients from all over Tennessee, they are one of America's leading providers for rehabilitation services that cover stroke care; trauma assistance; cardiac conditions with complex neurological issues like brain injuries.

4. Onlife Health

Local employees: 169

Onlife Health is a company that simplifies population health and wellness, connecting people with technology to help them on the “next right thing” in their healthcare journey.

5. Ncontracts

Local employees: 132

Ncontracts was founded to provide integrated risk and compliance management solutions. This centralized system allows organizations to collaborate in meeting the goal of managing risks, with one-point data entry for customized controls as well as robust reports that help meet your needs.

6. Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation

Local employees: 151

It's no surprise that since 1986, Guaranty Home Mortgage Corporation (GHMC) has been a market leader in mortgage lending. In 2019 GHMC transformed from an entity originally registered at the Federal level to one licensed across 48 states.

7. Vaco

Local employees: 175

Vaco is a company that provides talent solutions to companies in various industries. These include consulting, project resources, and executive search as well as direct hire positions with expertise across many different fields such as accounting, finance, technology, and operations.

8. Western Governors University

Local employees: 177

WGU Tennessee is an innovative, regionally accredited institution that offers programs through the partnership of Western Governors University. WGU is an accredited, affordable online university with an innovative competency-based approach

9. Toyota of Cool Springs

Local employees: 143

Toyota of Cool Springs in Williamson County, Tennessee is a one-stop-shop for all your Toyota needs. From new cars to pre-owned and certified models they can take care of any questions or concerns that come up during the buying process.

10. myNexus Management Inc.

Local employees: 359

myNEXUS® is a service that can manage your health and wellness. myNEXUS® is an opportunity for home care providers to improve their quality of life by managing the individual’s health remotely. 

This innovative technology enables them in performing tasks that are usually done face-to-face, allowing people to live healthier lives at home with more independence than ever before!


Small Companies in Middle Tennessee

1.  Rio Grande Fence Co. of Nashville

Local employees: 61

Rio Grande Fence Co., a company based in Nashville, TN is known for their high-quality commercial fencing services. 

They have been working on perimeter security and peace of mind installations with customers from all over the midwest including Tennessee, Kentucky & Alabama since 1983! Some of their projects include Nissan Stadium, Bridgestone Arena as well as the Nashville International Airport.

2.  Conversion Interactive Agency

Local employees: 49

Conversion Interactive Agency is the premier recruitment advertising agency in Middle Tennessee for strategy, web/mobile development & social media, SEO/SMM and more services for your business needs.

3.  ReviveHealth

Local employees: 84

At ReviveHealth, they provide a full range of services to the medical industry. From healthcare delivery and finance through innovation; they are pathfinders who help shape tomorrow's world today by using distinctive insights about people navigating health in their work every day.

4.  Soundstripe

Local employees: 72

Soundstripe is a great resource for content creators. They offer an unlimited license and make it easy to use high-quality royalty-free music with any video need you may have, including their library of thousands upon songs available online.

5.  Automated Collection Services Inc.

Local employees: 113

ACSI has served regional and national clients as debt collectors focused on four primary market verticals: higher education, healthcare, government contracts/procurements, and financial sectors.

6.  InfoWorks, Inc.

Local employees: 103

InfoWorks, Inc. is a company that offers technology consulting services to its customers in the State of Tennessee. InfoWorks provides data strategy and information management solutions for businesses with different needs depending on what they're looking forward to achieving out of it all.

7.  Walker Building Group

Local employees: 61

Walker Building Group is a construction company in Tennessee, specializing in public infrastructure projects. Their work includes pipeline installation and roadway construction for things like roads and bridges to help keep people safe while they travel throughout the state of Tennessee.

8.  The Job Shoppe

Local employees: 40

The Job Shoppe provides solutions and expertise that help companies position for growth, execute on strategy. The company's experience includes all facets of talent including traditional employees as well as contingent workforce services within this category.

9. Stars Nashville

Local employees: 87

Stars Nashville, a nonprofit that offers numerous services to help vulnerable youth in Tennessee. These include strengthening resistance skills against alcohol and drugs as well as increasing the likelihood of refusing them when offered; it also helps strengthen school attachment rates by promoting involvement within one's community while simultaneously promoting positive orientation towards future plans for every individual.

10. G Squared Wireless

Local employees: 52 

G-Squared’s team of trained experts can help you implement a wireless support solution that has been tailored to your specific needs. Their services include Alarm Monitoring Kits, Wireless Help Desk Services, MDM Software Solutions, and more.


Middle Tennessee is a pretty big place, so there are a lot of different places to work. Middle Tennessee has been home to people from all walks of life who have sought opportunities in this region's diverse industries. These opportunities only continue today with new jobs popping up every day thanks to rapid growth in technology and innovation.

Are you thinking of moving to Middle Tennessee for career growth or exploring more opportunities in your field? Get in touch with me at (615) 930-0313 and I’d be glad to guide you and help you find your ideal home in Middle Tennessee! 

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