Hottest Zip Codes in Nashville, TN

Nashville is among the top metro areas that continue to draw more people to relocate in the area with a large number of out of towners coming from different states including New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut, and Illinois. This has caused Nashville’s population growth to continue to have an impact on the city’s inventory shortage.

In 2020, Nashville ranked among the top U.S. cities that people relocate to. The majority of people moving to Nashville, TN are for work while the others move to be closer to their family followed by people moving in the area for retirement.

Today, Nashville, TN is home to the hottest zip codes. Now, what makes a zipcode hot? There’s a couple of factors to consider when we talk about the hottest zip codes in real estate. Number one is the monthly supply absorption rate in the market which means how many homes are on the market versus how many homes have sold over the past 30 days. And second, is how much sellers are getting on the list to sales price ratio.

In this blog, we have listed the hottest zip codes in Nashville including the zip codes with the most page traffic on Zillow so let’s dive into it. 

First is Dickson County (37055) with 30 days on the market inventory available and 99% of list price while in Williamson County, Brentwood (37027) and Franklin (37067) is tied with 25 days of inventory and sellers getting 101% to 102% of the list price. 37069, 37067, 37064, 37027, 37075 in Franklin, TN are the top 5 Zip Codes with the most page views in Nashville where home values are $707,106 in 37069, 37067 home values are $654,076, and homes in 37064 are $624,516. While in Brentwood, TN, home values are $830,300 making it one of the top zip code pages with the highest page views on Zillow as well.

Now to the north, Robertson County, Springfield (37172), and White House (37188) are tied with 17 days of supply on the market. Sellers are getting 100.5% of the list price.

Inglewood (37216) is the hottest zip code in Davidson County with 33% of homes sold above the list price in late 2020 according to Zillow. Realtors in the Greater Nashville area say that Inglewood only has 16 days of supply with sellers getting 100.2% of the list price. 12 South, Melrose, 8th, and Wedgewood (37204) come in second in Davidson County with 20 days supply and 99.95% in list-to-sales price.

Located just to the east of I-24 in Rutherford County, in the Northeast Murfreesboro area (37219) has 15 days of market supply with sellers getting 100.6% of the list price.

Hendersonville (37075) and Gallatin (37066) in Sumner County have 14 days of supply and 100% of the list price. In Wilson County, both Mt. Juliet, Gladeville (37122), and Old Hickory (37138) have 8 days of inventory and sellers are getting 100.5% of the list price. In Hendersonville’s 37075, typical home values are $385,823, one of the highest overall in Nashville when it comes to page views.

Last but not the least, Maury County‘s Spring Hill (37174) comes in with only 4 days of inventory and sellers getting 100.8% of the list sales price.

Just like summer, Nashville’s real estate is hot. With high demand and low inventory, housing prices are on the rise. This is the result of low interest rates, low inventory, and the changing demographic in the larger cities. 

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