Living in East Nashville

Let’s go on a neighborhood tour of the one and only East Nashville!  If you've heard anything about Nashville, you've likely come across the buzz about this vibrant community. East Nashville is a place where words like growing, thriving, eclectic, hip, historic, vibrant, artistic, and cultural all come together to paint a unique picture of a neighborhood unlike any other. So, let's dive into what makes East Nashville so special.

Location and Overview

East Nashville is situated east of downtown, separated by the picturesque Cumberland River. While it's primarily residential, it boasts a mix of businesses along its main streets, including Gallatin Road, Ellington Parkway, and more. What sets East Nashville apart is the diversity of its neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive vibe.

Lifestyle and Recreation

East Nashville is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. With numerous parks and green spaces, there's no shortage of activities. Shelby Park, which once had a casino and an amusement park in the 1890s, has transformed into a stunning green oasis. Shelby Bottoms is the largest green preserve in the Nashville Metro area, offering miles of trails, observation platforms, and river overlooks.

Cornelia Fort Air Park, East Park, Cumberland Park, and several smaller parks are scattered throughout, providing ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. Whether you enjoy hiking, butterfly-watching, or simply basking in nature, East Nashville has something for everyone.

A Creative Hub

East Nashville is known for its artistic flair and trendy, progressive atmosphere. It's become a haven for newcomers from Middle Tennessee and beyond. One of its most famous events is the Tomato Art Festival, a summer celebration around the Five Points area. But that's just the beginning. The neighborhood hosts numerous festivals, music events, and art exhibitions, making it a cultural hotspot.

East Nashville Real Estate Insights

The real estate market in East Nashville is continually evolving. At the time of our latest update in June 2023, the neighborhood had 50 new listings, with an average sales price of $852,500. While the market has been competitive, it's essential to note that East Nashville offers a wide range of housing options, from historic homes to new constructions.

Advantages of Living in East Nashville

Living in East Nashville offers several advantages. It's incredibly convenient, with downtown Nashville just a stone's throw away, easily accessible by foot, bike, Uber, or car. The neighborhood's proximity to major interstates makes commuting in all directions a breeze. Plus, Tennessee's lack of state income tax is a financial perk for residents.

Whether you're looking for new construction or historical charm, East Nashville delivers. It's a diverse and welcoming community that appeals to a broad range of residents. The walkable nature of neighborhoods like Five Points adds to the neighborhood's allure, offering easy access to local music, shops, and restaurants.


East Nashville is a neighborhood that defies easy categorization. It's a place where history and innovation coexist, where nature thrives alongside creativity, and where you can find both a sense of community and a taste of the eclectic. If you're considering making East Nashville your home, I encourage you to explore the neighborhoods, experience the culture, and discover the unique charm of this one-of-a-kind community.

Thank you for joining me on this neighborhood tour of East Nashville. If you have more questions or want to delve into the real estate options in this area, please reach out to me at 615-930-0313 or send me a message. Let's find your perfect East Nashville home together.

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