7 Reasons to Move to Nashville and Middle Tennessee [2022 UPDATE]

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in America today. There are many reasons why you would want to move here - from the affordability of living to the wonderful arts and culture, magnificent views and recreational areas, and more. I want to give you seven amazing reasons why the Nashville Middle Tennessee area is a great place to move to, live, and also potentially invest.


1. Low Cost of Living

Tennessee is ranked #6 on the list of states with the lowest cost of living in 2022. To give you an idea, using an index rate based on a US average of 100, Tennessee has an overall score of 87.6 which means that the overall cost of living in this state is 12.4% lower than the US average based on the statistics from BestPlaces.net.


2. Low Tax Rates

One of the reasons people love living here is because nobody wants to pay extra income taxes - the federal government takes enough of those. The average income tax across the US is 4.6% and here in Tennessee, it's a big ZERO. We also have no income tax, no inheritance tax, and no gift tax. We have no taxes on Social Security benefits for retirees. There are also no taxes on pension payments and retirement payments so you get the chance to stretch your dollar more while enjoying what Nashville has to offer!


3. Diverse Neighborhoods

Our neighborhoods and the area in Middle Tennessee that I work in are extremely diverse in multiple ways, particularly in the housing market. You have places where you can buy single-family homes in the 200,000s all the way up to the multi-millions. 

We have a huge diversity in types of neighborhoods and types of properties and land that's available and just outside some of the major cities here in Middle Tennessee. You have mansions, horse properties, recording studio areas, townhomes, high-rise condos, whatever it is that you're looking for, we can probably find it. 


4. Outdoor Activities

We have tons of outdoor activities. We have hiking trails, greenways, tons of rivers, and lakes for people who love to hike and fish. We've got the Duck River, the Cumberland River, the Tennessee River, and the Mississippi River. We also have lots of lakes such as Radnor Lake State Park, Priest Lake, Old Hickory Lake, Tims Ford Lake, and Center Hill Lake.

There are also lots of sports going on (both to watch and to play) and we have some well-known golf courses designed by top pro golfers like Jack Niklaus and Greg Norman. Sports activities are also available for children such as baseball and soccer. 

If you are a racket/paddle sports enthusiast, we have a lot of public and private tennis courts and my personal favorite, pickleball courts. Nashville has professional sports teams and college sports teams. 


5. Music

Nashville is known for its music. We have a wide range of music genres with country music being the first thing that comes to most people's minds and there is definitely a lot of that here.

Nashville is also known for gospel music, Christian music, and then we do have rock and roll, and pop dance music. There are a lot of producers and music people who live and work here. There are LOTS of live music venues of all sizes that play live and you can see everything from cover bands, to original bands, to country artists who own their own venues and will get up on stage and surprise you. 

We have restaurants all over the place that has live music as well. We have indoor music venues all throughout Middle Tennessee. A lot are located in downtown Nashville of course, but we have venues all around Middle Tennessee. 


6. Diverse Food Selection

This is something we’ve become known for which is a little crazy to me who is a Nashville native because growing up we didn’t have this. Now, we have celebrity chefs from Top Chef, Iron Chef, and other top shows opening restaurants here.

Celebrity chefs that have restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Chicago, and all kinds of places that you can think of have opened up restaurants here in Nashville and the cuisine is everything you can imagine from top steakhouses to seafood, to Thai, to Chinese, to Italian, to cajun and Indian and more. The list goes on and on with more restaurants opening almost every day.

And of course, we are known for Bar-B-Q and hot chicken!

7. Location

You hear this about real estate all the time and yes, it is important in real estate but we are blessed to be the only state that actually touches eight other states. These states are Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. 

Within 650 miles of Nashville, you can find over ½ of the US population. If you want to get in your car and you want to drive and you want to see a lot of the United States, it is amazing how many places you can get to within four to six hours from Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

And we have an international airport that is continuing to expand - we are building new terminals, hotels, and restaurants.

Nashville is a city that has been growing rapidly in the past few years. A city that has a lot of opportunities for everyone and an ideal place for people who want to live in an urban setting with plenty of entertainment, attractions, food, and music

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